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The Covid vaccines reduce the risk of the virus being passed on. If you do get coronavirus, vaccines mean you are very unlikely to get seriously ill, need hospital treatment or die from it.

Having the vaccine is the best way we can protect ourselves and our community

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on all of us. Sadly, many people have lost their lives and others have been seriously ill in hospital. Some people who have recovered, including those with mild symptoms, are still living with effects of “long” Covid months later.

The vaccines trigger your body’s natural production of immune cells (antibodies and T cells) to protect against Covid-19 disease. Once you have had the vaccine, your immune cells learn how to recognise and fight the virus. This means that if you get the Covid-19 virus, you already have some immunity.

Early evidence has shown the vaccine reduces the virus being passed around. If you have had the jab and do get infected with coronavirus, you are less likely to spread it to friends, family and loved ones.

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