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Asha Hure from Greenwich had her doubts about whether to get the Covid vaccine. Here she explains what changed her mind.

I had my doubts because online there was a rumour that the vaccine contains pig fat, which is not allowed in my religion, so I was worried. I’m diabetic and I worried about what would happen if my blood sugar went up with this vaccination? And might I have bad side effects?

So I spoke to my family and friends – some of them are dentists and doctors who have already had the vaccination and they said that the doctor sent me, they know that I am diabetic so it must be okay for me. And I listened to some of the imams and they said that there was nothing in it and that they themselves had had the vaccination. I said to myself, if they had it then I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with the vaccination.

After I had the vaccination, I did not have any side effects whatsoever.

I will tell my Somali community: please, please, it’s very important to have the vaccination. Please go ahead and research it, speak to different people, speak to your GP as well, and then you can protect yourself and the people around you and the whole community in general so that we can go on with our lives and live as normal as possible.

I got the vaccine, why don’t you?