NHS cov vacc Sept 21

Joanne Rowlands lives in Hither Green with her 17-year-old daughter Edie. Together they discussed the benefits of Edie having the Covid vaccination. Joanne tells their story.

My vaccine story

My daughter Edie is 17 and has had a tough time during the pandemic. She had to finish her GCSEs without taking her exams, take her first year of college remotely and she has missed out on doing a lot of the things she loved like attending her rowing club with friends, as she hasn’t been able to let off all the energy she has. Although she found being cooped up at home quite hard, I think Edie dealt with it all really well.

When Edie’s text message inviting her for her vaccine came through, I planned to discuss with her whether she would have it, but her mind was already pretty made up. She was set on getting the vaccine from the offset, having been quite poorly with Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic herself. She couldn’t see her grandparents for a long time, and she knew that her having the vaccine would give them some confidence to reunite and feel comfortable about it too. My sister-in-law is a consultant in the NHS, who reassured us all on the benefits of getting it. I had the vaccine, so did her dad. The vaccine has been very well researched so we were all happy getting it, but I understand why others may feel hesitant.

''Having her vaccine will help to get her back to normality a bit quicker''

Now I’m keen to see her get back out there to do what she wants to be doing, and she has got so many plans. Edie currently studies A-Levels and she’s looking forward to going to university next year. Edie is also keen to travel after her exams, she has ambitions to go to Mexico, Greece, Argentina, and France. She also turns 18 soon and I know she will really want to celebrate.

I just want to see her have a normal year 13 education and be able to go off to university and live the life students should. Covid-19 has really disrupted the studies of so many young people and having the vaccine may just help get them back on track.