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Tyrick Scott wrote a rap to try and encourage members of his family and community to have the Covid 19 vaccination. He believes a collective mindset and coming together will help to tackle Covid 19.

My vaccine story

My name is Tyrick and I’m from South East London. I am a university student and I’m also a volunteer and a part-time worker at a Covid 19 vaccination centre.

I had the Covid 19 vaccines, and the reason was because I felt like if we do want to get an upper hand on this pandemic, we need to have a collective mindset and we need to come together on some sort of solution. Right now, the solution that we have is the vaccination and I believe it is a way to get control of what is going on, so we can just get back to life.

“I want to help because I have got NHS members and vulnerable people in my family.”

At the beginning of the pandemic, I started volunteering, helping people that couldn’t go out. From that I then went on to volunteering at a vaccination centre. I want to help because I have got NHS members in my family. I have also got vulnerable people in my family. I believe that if we really want to end, it will be better if people do what they can. And I think that it would be nice if we could all come together on something.

I’m working on a rap. It’s a short thing that people might find entertaining, and it was just encouraging my family members and whoever listens to it to take the vaccines:

My broski’s here, my cousin’s right there.

We can finally kick this ball I swear, it’s been a few tears.

Been a few tears, but I don’t get impatient.

And I can’t be complacent when Covid does its thing.
And it does it round patients.

It’s the same bit of truth but the solution’s kind of smooth.

A two-minute move, when prompted, to book a vaccination.

Do it for yourself and for the health of a nation.