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Jeremy Cox lives in Bromley and works as an Assistant Head Teacher at a Lambeth school, where Covid has seriously affected his school community. He explains why getting the vaccine is so important.

My vaccine story

The impact that Covid had on our school was just unbelievable. We were having to ask well over 50 members of staff to remain at home and it meant that our school had to shut down because there literally was too many staff and students falling ill – and it became very dangerous. I don’t want to see that again.

It is going to take probably years to help support all of the students coming through – not just my school, but across the whole of education so having the vaccine is absolutely essential for education to continue.

So there is a lot of hesitancy amongst young people about the vaccine. There are a lot of rumours out there – particularly linked to social media. Some of the more ridiculous stories that we’ve heard on social media from students are that once you’ve had the vaccine, you will grow another head. We’ve heard that it’s been manufactured from different animals. Our job as educators is to dispel those rumours. The best way to get the message across that the vaccine is safe is to talk about it – look at the science behind it, how to look for facts, what interpretations are, and think about things critically rather than just listen to your friends or to listen to something that you’ve heard on Snapchat or WhatsApp.

“For the health of our nation and for education, liberate yourself, get the vaccine - I did”

We’re also more accurately aware within the staff that there are lots of us who have had the vaccine and I think it’s quite helpful that we actually are open about that so that students can see that we haven’t sprouted monkey heads or anything else that I’ve heard. And I think that helps to reassure people and give some confidence.

I’m very aware of how Covid has seriously affected all families and parts of our communities within our school setting and beyond and if I can do something to stop that spread then I’m definitely going to do it.

For the health of our nation and for education, liberate yourself, get the vaccine - I did.