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In October 2020 Juan Carlos was in intensive care for three weeks with Covid. As he gets his Covid vaccination he explains what happened and why he is getting vaccinated.

My vaccine story

My name is Juan Carlos, I am originally from South America, Ecuador. Unfortunately, I had Covid in October and it was very bad. I went to hospital and was in intensive care for nearly three weeks which was a very bad experience. It got so bad that the doctor told me I was about to be put into an induced coma. But thank God I’m back, thanks to the NHS, because they did an absolutely great job getting me better.

”I feel good, absolutely. I feel safe“

I came to this church today to receive my first vaccine. My decision to have the vaccine was first of all for myself, and after that to protect my family and my close friends and people I live with and my colleagues at work.

I feel good, absolutely. I feel safe.

I do a cleaning job and I work in central London. And because I’m always in contact with different people from so many different countries because it’s a very touristy place, that’s why I decided to get the vaccine, because I am in contact with lots of people.

The process was absolutely quick and easy, I didn’t expect that to be honest. I feel absolutely good to be honest, no pain at all. So, after getting the vaccine, I was given a ticket showing the time, date and the vaccine I got. I was given a badge saying how many minutes to wait before leaving, and then the nurse told me that I was free to go. And that’s it, I’m ready to go home safely.

My message to people is that everyone should have it. It’s completely safe to have the vaccine, and I do really recommend it to everyone to get it.