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Sisters Olie and Kadi are from Bexley Heath. Olie had doubts about having the vaccine initially, but after doing her research and talking to her sister Kadi, an immunisation nurse, she got vaccinated.

Our vaccine story

Olie: My name is Olie. I am a final year Public Health student at the University of Greenwich. I live in Bexley Heath with my two little children.

Kadi: My name is Kadiatu, but you can call me Kadi. I’ve got four children and I am an immunisation nurse at the moment. I had some doubts about the vaccines at first.

Olie: Before taking the vaccines, I had my doubts due to all the videos I was seeing on TikTok and WhatsApp that people were sharing about all the side effects that you get.

Kadi: You had a very strong feeling that you were not having that vaccine at all. You said: “I’m not having it!”. I said to you: “Why are you not having it?” And then you used to send me all these videos, I said: “for God’s sake woman, stop looking at all these videos, you are a Public Health student. You should be promoting this vaccine!”

Olie: With research and after talking to my sister, who’s an Immunisation Nurse, it did help.

Kadi: You were able to put things together and then realise that it makes sense.

Olie: What I learned during my health promotion project on Covid 19 and encouraging people was that our religion and our culture shapes who we are.

Kadi: Our values, our religion really affects the way we do things and the way we think about things.

“Do as much research as you possibly can because that helped clear all the doubts that I had”

Olie: So, when I did that work, what I included was religious leaders from each faith group in the community to help to educate them about the vaccine so that way they can translate the message to reassure people of those religious beliefs that it is safe and is within our religious guidelines. Any doubts that people may have, there is no right or wrong question that you could possibly ask. Do as much research as you possibly can because that helped clear all the doubts that I had before taking the vaccines.

Kadi: I had my Covid 19 vaccination because I wanted to protect my loved ones and also protect the public.

Olie: I’ve had the Covid 19 vaccination, and I’ve had no side effects after taking it. I was able to go ahead with my daily activities and care for my two lovely children.