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Care home workers Eva and Julia from The Heathers residential nursing home, Bromley had doubts about getting the Covid 19 vaccines but went ahead to protect the residents they care for from the risks.

Our vaccine story

Eva: I’m Eva.

Julia: I’m Julia.

Julia: We’re both Senior Care Workers in The Heathers, Bromley, Shortlands.

Julia: It is a residential nursing home for the elderly.

I did have some doubts when the vaccine was offered to me.

Eva: I was very scared. In fact, I was one of the first people who said I’m not doing it. My fear was promoted by the mere fact that they were saying minority people were at higher risk [of Covid 19] than everybody else.

I did my Masters in Public Health and Health Promotion and working as a carer, one of the first things you learn is about reducing risks. If I did not take the Covid 19 vaccines, I would not be reducing the risk of infection, I could transport it to many people and also potentially harm my children and my community.

“I’ve seen so many ambulances on the road. I saw my neighbours die.”

Eventually, I took an educated decision and I sat with my kids, and I said, you know what, I’ve seen so many ambulances on the road. I saw my neighbours die. I thought deeply and decided to get the vaccine and when I look at the residents that I serve, when you know the people that you serve, when you believe these people could disappear tomorrow because you’ve been negligent, you’ve neglected your duty, your role to protect them – I don’t think somebody can recover from that.

“Covid 19 does not discriminate. It will take anybody.”

Julia: I had the vaccines, and I had no side effects. When I researched it, I concluded that having the vaccines was the right thing to do because at the end of the day we are safeguarding and I’m doing this to protect my family, my colleagues, and my residents. I think that’s probably the main reason why I had the vaccines.

Eva: Covid 19 does not discriminate. It will take anybody.

Julia: I had a sense of duty really, to the residents, in my role as a carer.

Eva: Let’s get ourselves vaccinated. That’s the message I would give to everybody.